Thursday, July 15, 2010

A slice of summer moon


Some links from the illustration blogosphere:
*Tips on bio writing for your various media presences on Humblearts
*A podcast interview with Artist Rep Scott Hull on EFII...chock-full of good info (I'm listening to it a second time)
*I've really been enjoying Becca Stadtlander's blog recently (via pikaland)
*Just saw Larry Day's work for the first time on a Spilling Ink post. He's got some really beautiful watercolor images that include lots of detail but still seem loose (I'll have to check out the bookstore to see them full-size).
*And just for fun, paste your latest blog post or some paragraphs of your writing into I Write Like, and it will come up with a famous author comparison. On the first try, I got David Foster Wallace. And then I got Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Hmmm.


Heather Powers said...

I love the scene above!

Hey, if someone had drove to Abilene she could have met Larry Day in person - just sayin.

Thanks for the mention. :)

Amy said...

That was the Golden Kite event, right? Looked pretty great from the pics. Somebody better start going to Texas events when they happen, eh?

Heather Hanlin said...

Lovely. It is so hard to capture moonlight and I think you did an excellent job.

tanja said...

how lovely - a japanese feel to it, perhaps the simplicity. great palette.

Maria Eugenia said...