Monday, April 30, 2012

Studio Clean-up

So lovely to start off the week with a clean desk! Spent most of yesterday and some of Saturday organizing, cleaning, and paring down in my studio. I'm half minimalist, half collector/packrat, and the minimalist half got tired of all the paper monsters taking over my workspaces.

Here's what my desk looked like around lunchtime yesterday: P1020880
And this morning:
Work table before:
And after:
IMG_4424 IMG_4427 IMG_4417
My studio mate, Lloyd
View from my desk chair of the trumpet vine in full bloom...dreamy! IMG_4407


Christopher S. Jennings said...

Great space!

Every studio needs some spic-and-span from time to time.

What a great view! I miss my old one, perched on the cliffs in north Austin. There'd be days where a hawk would sit outside my window.

Marsha said...

My inner clean freak is over the moon about your office.

Amy said...

Hawk watching from your studio sounds amazing, Christopher. And, Marsha, your office is already super clean and lovely!

Michaele Razi said...

Very nice clean up. Your studio looks like such a great space!

Diandra Mae said...

Oh, I sooo need to do this to my studio! I have stacks everywhere and the PB library is threatening to explode! I think it may be time to scoot the kids out and reclaim that 1/4 of the room. Gorgeous studio with fab light, Amy!

Amy said...

Thanks! And, Diandra, the PB bookshelf is in a different room, and organizing that's a whole different project!