Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back in the studio after a conference

The trick after a conference (the Austin SCBWI conference was this past Friday & Saturday) is to turn all that info and inspiration into illustration momentum. This time for me, that really means updating my website. I've let it get way out of date, overthinking the big picture. And maybe depending a little too much on this blog and flickr to show more recent work.

But it's hard to stay in front of my computer when these recent acquisitions are calling my name: art books (the one on Japanese textiles just came in today), high quality watercolor paints in a travel-friendly format (these have been on my wishlist for years), and some Moo minicards I got printed for the conference (okay, these aren't studio tools, but cards this size are fun to look at). And below, my "assistant" demonstrates how appealing a new pencil can be (this one was loaned to me by the uber-talented Clint Young).
Still sifting through my post-conference thoughts, but I hope to write more on that soon.


Dallion said...

Damn Amy, those look like some sweet watercolors! Are they solid bricks or tube paint?

I'm actually feeling energized (...or maybe more defiant) after the conference. I want to start doing Illustration Fridays and doing at least one color study a week.

Good luck with the website!

Amy said...

They are 'half pan' (basically solid bricks). I have a big plastic palette w/tube colors for my studio, but it's too awkward to take off site. And my cheap travel set produces muddy watercolor...thus, the splurge.

I'm feeling pretty motivated about illustration at the moment, too. I'm excited to get together and talk about everyone's direction post-conference.