Monday, February 28, 2011

Parallel pets

parallel pets: part 1
parallel pets: part 2
So, my cat and dog seem so in tune here, always looking in the same direction. And united in taking up the entire bed in the guest room (guests: I promise these are not the sheets I use for you). But here's the truth:
My cat is a tiny vampire, and if my dog looks directly at her, this is what happens. She goes for the jugular or the achilles tendon while he looks at me with sad eyes. Pretty much everyday.
Miss Lena caught mid-yawn.


Michaele Razi said...

Nothing cuter than a puppy and kitty being pals! Adorbs!

Amy said...

I think so, too! Before I had pets, I saw a dog/cat duo that I loved, and decided to try it out myself. Thank goodness it worked out!