Friday, June 02, 2006

SF: Studio Space

I've never participated in Studio Friday before, but I love the idea of creative individuals sharing a glimpse of the area in which their art begins.

The main infringement (pictured here preparing to attack some paintbrushes) on my workspace is due to the lack of door. My studio (aka the former dining area) has a decent amount of physical space and lots of good northern light, but kitten-proofing all projects and tools takes away some momentum.


firstborn said...

i have the same infringement in my studio {the kitty invasion}!

what a cool snap of your kitty/studio! love it!

Lisa said...

Give in to the kitty, embrace the kitty, be one with the cat hair. Its the only way to sanity.

Oh, and black kitties RULE!!!

Nancy said...

Hello fellow Texan! I live just north of you in Round Rock. Welcome to SF, I joined two posts ago!

Kara said...

I have a black kitty too and you are so right - the cats infringe on the creative space the most! Welcome to SF

Unknown said...

Just count yourself lucky she lets you have the space when she's not using it!

Beautiful photo, by the way.

Artful Creations by Tracie said...

Aaaah so the challenge thus begins! I'm sure kitty just wants to have alittle creativity time too!! ;-) TFS!