Friday, July 07, 2006

SF: "7 layer salad"

How great is it that the Studio Friday challenge includes the word 'playtime'? Especially as I was playing around yesterday with layering negative space in watercolors as background. There are seven layers of blues and purples (including the foundation wet in wet abstract). I'm still working out how to paint this way, but it's fun in the meantime.


art by naomi said...

Working with negative spaces in watercolor takes some skill. You did good.
I like!

Going For Greatness said...

I really love this style. Looks beautiful and makes a hot day feel nice and cool! Great layering... I wouldn't even know where to begin!!
~Have a great weekend!!~

Unknown said...

The colours are beautiful, very tranquil...& love the seahorse..

Ouissi x

Anke Martin said...

Thumbs up, must have been a lot of work!

Stacia said...

Tranquil describes this perfectly...colors and wavy lines - very organic and soft.