Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Life drawing and Egon Schiele

This is from Monday, my second week going to a life drawing open studio. I'm trying to keep things as simple (unfussy) as possible, to practice being a little looser and to really concentrate on lines and lights/darks. I used vine charcoal for the first time this week and find it helpful for staying loose.

Then yesterday I started looking through Egon Schiele: Life and Work, which is due back to the library today. Wow. His work is amazing; so loose and captivating and jolie-laide (I don't know if you can apply "pretty/ugly" to paintings, but it seems appropriate for his work...though sometimes it's just straight ugly yet still mesmerizing). Think I'll have to take a black crayon and some watercolors to studio next week and see what happens.

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B. Scott Shaevel said...

Hi Amy! Schiele is one of my fave's. Love this sketch. Which Life Drawing group are you going to? Do you like it? It's much more fun to draw/paint/sketch with friends.... :)