Monday, December 06, 2010

Feels good to have an organized studio

So, I still have some unfiled stacks of papers and reference materials on the tables, but it's a working level of stuff. Recently, my studio clutter hit a critical mass that was stopping me from getting any creative work done. Over the past week, I've been clearing out unused materials from my studio (and the rest of the house), and after several Goodwill visits, full trashbags and recycling bins, and a shifting of paper to a second IKEA white chest of drawers, things are much more organized. Feels so good to just sit down and work without having to clear a spot! So back to work. Later: hanging art.


tanjawilmot said...

always good to see what other studios look like - thanks for sharing it with us! Love your new banner too - guess you've been working (playing?) hard.

Amy Farrier said...

Thanks. Yeah, sometimes organizing is more like playing...but it definitely helps with the working!

Jenipher Lyn said...

I love the color of your studio! It looks great. :)

Amy Farrier said...

Thanks! I can't take credit for choosing the paint (the former owner called it the 'Kraft mac & cheese' room), but it is one of the things that I first loved about my house. And it has such a lovely glow in the afternoon.