Monday, February 28, 2011

Things I'm into right now: Sriracha

I'm not sure why, but a week ago I started adding sriracha, the vinegar-y hot sauce, to almost everything. Homemade vegetable soup and a ham & cheese brioche from Upper Crust Bakery (actual proportion compared to hot sauce) are just two things that have gotten this special treatment lately. Not shown: mac & cheese, panko-crusted salmon filet (this recipe), bean/potato/avocado breakfast taco.


Marsha said...

Love Sriracha. These look great! I thought I recognized that brioche, from working at Upper Crust for two years. those things are soooo yummy!

Amy Farrier said...

They are yummy! and HUGE. Definitely for sharing. Lucky girl to have worked at Upper Crust.