Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A morning of sketching at Barton Springs

Met up with some fellow illustrators to sketch today at the amazing Barton Springs pool (so cold and refreshing!). Threw together the above scrappy-looking sketchbook this morning. Below is a close-up of some pool folks.


This couple had semi-matching tattoos, but left before I was able to catch the design on paper.

A friend's daughter sketching away (she drew an awesome red peacock)

This guy had the best madras shorts and red hair, but I'd already packed up my watercolors.


Michaele Razi said...

I just love how you sketch. Really get a sense of mood and movement and tone. Love it!

Amy Farrier said...

Thanks so much, Michaele! I really like sketching out in the real world and wish I'd do it more often (google image reference only gets me so far...).

tanjawilmot said...

inspiring - love that you went out and sketched, and share your frustration at not always being able to capture the best bits in time...may they find their way into our work anyway. like the in water guy best of all.

Amy Farrier said...

Thanks, Tanja. I think I like that water guy best, too, even though he's only thumbnail sized...small scale is the only way I can get the best bits before they're gone!

Anonymous said...

great sketches!

ali said...

love them! "them" = sketches