Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Feathers and other fine things

chicken feather detailbirdhead
I'm kind of into drawing feather patterns these days. Detail of a chicken sketch and random imaginary bird head.

And some recent blog finds:
*an inspiring interview with Jill Bliss on Pikaland
*illustrator Carson Ellis and Decemberists' Colin Meloy are collaborating on a children's series called 'Wildwood'...so awesome!
*and if you haven't heard them already, these videos of fake Werner Herzog children's book readings are pretty great


Gay McKinnon said...

Amy, I saw your work on WaWe today. Your blog is lovely and I really enjoyed seeing all your sketches, including the map of the veggie patch. Great information too - I had a look at your links. I will be visiting often!

Amy said...

Thanks so much!