Friday, September 24, 2010

Links for the weekend

A cortadito from Cherrywood Coffeehouse for a midday energy boost.

  • In December, I will have been in Austin for ten years...! And it's only natural to become immune to some of the things that make your town great, which is why I'm loving the blog abby try again. Soft, dreamy photos of Austin through the eyes of someone fairly new to the city (from what I gather) that make me think, "Ooh, I want to live there." And I do!
  • I'm totally inspired by this year-long road trip idea, leaving time to settle into and experience 11 different US cities. Plus, this design couple plan to continue working with clients along the way, and they'll have their dog with them. Can't wait to read their posts!
  • Wow! Luigi Loquarto is unafraid of color...and it absolutely works for him!
  • And did you know that there is a new Sweet Valley High series out? Because of course you want to know what happens to Jessica and Elizabeth ten years later. For some reason, this was the only series my mother ever put on her banned list, which just meant that I read them when I spent the night with friends in junior high (sorry, Mom ;)

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