Sunday, September 12, 2010

A little bit crafty

Yesterday I threw a baby shower for my sister with co-hosting help from a wonderful friend of hers (and many helping hands of family and friends), and it actually turned out quite lovely. And loving. I only have a few poorly lit pictures from the actual event (so typical), which is too bad as the mother-to-be looked happy and beautiful and the watermelon agua fresca was a gorgeous shade of deep rose. But here are some of the handmade parts of the shower (from the top): illustration for the invitation; illustration for the favors (a packet of larkspur seeds to plant on his birthday) and rosettes for diy garlands (group craft project); one of the garlands in action; a blessings table, great idea from my co-hostess to do instead of a game (to be read singly at midnight changings); and small vases made from baby food jars wrapped in washi tape. Only a few more weeks till my nephew arrives!

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